Empowering Artists,
designers, Musicians and Animators to make a
statement of their own.

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At Medium Turtles, we empower individuals to embrace their unique voices and passions, fostering a community where content creators can thrive on their own terms.

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We are bringing together creators with diverse talent to make this space ideal for you to create, publish, share, collaborate, and monetize your skills. Be it a writer, animator, artist, musician, or director this place is for you to let your ideas run wild. We look forward to admiring your work…


Join our platform to collaborate, create, and publish content. Establish a brand for both yourself and your work.


Have a story waiting to be told? Collaborate with artists and animators to transform your story into captivating visuals.


An opportunity to captivate the world with your unique style. Create visuals that inspire the future.


Use your ability to shape the future by producing compelling stories.


An extraordinary opportunity to transform music within content creation.

Our 5-step plan

How Medium Turtles helps in Building Communities?

Step 1. Create a Central Hub to Foster Collaboration

Bring together creators with diverse skills to form a vibrant community and host challenges to encourage members to collaborate and create compelling stories together.

Step 2. Establish Collaborative Projects

Initiate collaborative projects that involve members from different disciplines working together to create content.

Step 3. Define Purpose and Values

Clearly articulate the community's mission and values, guiding interactions and collaborations.

Step 4. Provide Support

Establish mentorship and peer support channels to help creators improve their craft.

Step 5. Partner with Brands

Forge relationships with leading brands to unlock exciting collaboration opportunities.

Set a goal, we'll achieve it

Need a trustworthy team for your project? Summon us - Turtles.

Here's how we can be helpful

Offerings for Business

Publish Content

Leverage our platform and communities to publish content and reach out to niche audience that might align with your brand.

Collaborate with Communities

Work with our communities to elevate your content strategy, croudsource your ideas and insights, and bring your audience exiting stories.

Vet Your Creators

Even when working with communities you will have complete visibility on creaotrs working on your project which gives you the ability to vet their pst work.

Hire talent

We understand that hiring good talent is as challenging as running a business. So, we offer a platform where you can find creators who align with your values.

Our 5-step Plan

How we help you
leverage our community

Access Diverse Talent Pool

Tap into a diverse pool of creative talent with varied skills and expertise, including artists, writers, animators, directors, voice artists, and musicians, to bring fresh perspectives and creativity to your content.

Collaborative Content Creation

Collaborate with community members on content creation projects, leveraging their collective skills and insights to develop high-quality and engaging content that resonates with your target audience.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Benefit from cost-effective content creation solutions by working with independent content creators within the community, avoiding the overhead costs associated with traditional agencies or production studios.

Publish Content

Utilize community channels and our platforms to publish and amplify your content, leveraging the existing audience and networks of community members to extend your reach and visibility.

Flexible Engagement Models

Explore flexible engagement models, such as project-based collaborations or long-term partnerships, to suit their specific content creation needs and budget constraints.

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